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Wool check coat


Jacket with a collar and long sleeves. Hip pockets, an inside pocket, matching hem and a zip-up front hidden by a snap-button placket. This fibre is made from PET plastic, like that used in water bottles. By transforming this waste into a new resource, we reduce the production of raw materials and the consumption of water and energy.

SKU: HG015


Puffer jacket made of easy care technical fabric. Collar and long sleeves with ribbed elastic trim. Hip pockets with zip fastening and an inside pocket. Zip-up front.

Whenever you throw a plastic bottle into a recycling bin, it is taken to a waste separation plant. These plants separate the different types of plastic and give it a better purpose. The PET plastic is cleaned and recycled into a new recycled polyester fibre.
As a result, we are able to give new life to plastic waste and reduce the consumption of virgin raw material through a process that consumes less water and less energy and generates less waste.

The recovered thread has characteristics similar to virgin polyester: it is strong, resistant and long-lasting and can always be recycled again.

We only use recycled polyester certified by organisations which monitor the process from the source to the final product. At present, we work with:

Global Recycled Standard (GRS)
Recycled Content Standard (RCS)

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